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4"x4" Custom Printed Rainbow Maker Suncatcher - Holographic Window Sticker
#BI10050 4" X 4"

  • Why offer ordinary stickers when you can offer magic rainbow maker suncatcher decals?
  • Custom printed and manufactured in the USA at wholesale prices.
  • We also offer kiss-cut rainbow maker suncatcher sticker sheets and oversize suncatcher decals.
  • Transform your art, design or logo into any shape rainbow suncatcher or create your own die cut, custom size suncatcher sticker. It’s the ultimate make-your-own DIY rainbow maker!
  • Not flimsy clings - your design is printed on transparent light-refractive adhesive window sticker material that filters sunlight to cast holographic rainbow prisms.
25 $3.30 each
50 $3.15 each
100 $2.93 each
200 $2.57 each
300 $2.37 each
500 $2.18 each
Let us turn your design into amazing custom printed rainbow suncatcher window stickers.

Your rainbow maker sun catcher will transform light into an explosion of multiple hues. Simply apply your sticker to a window with direct sunlight and see pinwheels of vibrant color fanning your room or car. Delight in the colors splashing walls, ceilings and floors with rainbows.

Don't see the size or shape rainbow maker suncatcher you want?

Country of Manufacture
United States

Additional Information

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Radial Axicon Pattern
Among the most colorful holographic film options, our Radial Axicon pattern creates a gorgeous spectrum of colors in a unique radial shape with sharper vibrant rainbow lines.  This pattern has sharp clear lines and rainbows are more saturated.

Cracked Ice Pattern
Less uniform and more randomized, our Cracked Ice pattern appears, up close, like cracked, frozen prismatic glass. This pattern creates different size and random rainbows across the rom. When direct sunlight shines on it you’ll see the beautiful, chaotic patterns of rainbow light in your room!  

Confetti Pattern
The shapes in our Confetti pattern are large, and the repetition is more broad, so it’s a great choice for stickers that are a bit larger in size. It’s a celebration of fun overlapping circles, squares, and triangle clusters. When the sunlight hits the window sticker directly, it’s party time! The spectrum of happy rainbow colors are cast across the room.

Spectra Star Pattern
Spectra Star is the most calming pattern with the most subtle rainbows. It washes the room with a watercolor-like effect creating wider set rainbows. The sticker appears clear and you don't see a pattern on it and it creates the most mellow rainbows. If you want very low-key rainbows consider Spectra Star but just know that sometimes the rainbows will be minimal. Ask us if you have any questions on patterns.

Additional Information
Our rainbow maker suncatchers are available in any size standard shapes (with one side at least 3”), or can be custom die-cut. There is a minimum of 25 stickers per design. Ask us about kiss cut rainbow suncatcher sticker sheets too!

Note: The rainbows created will vary by many factors and you won't always see the same results in the same room. Weather, time of year, seasons, placement, direct sunlight, all play a factory when trying to get the best rainbows. Results can vary drastically with the same design and pattern so please let your customers know and let us know if you have any questions.

*Rainbow suncatcher stickers are intended for one time use on a window and can be removed. If there's any residue on the window after remvoing, rubbing alcohol should easily remove it.

Note: removing a sticker can cause damage to the ink and should only be removed when the sticker is no longer wanted. For more details refer to our instruction sheet How to Apply Rainbow Suncatchers.

Happy Rainbows!

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